What sets The Barn apart from other venues?

Our amenities & accommodations! Here at The Barn we are able to seat up to 400 people comfortably indoors. Additionally, Aspen Acres is the Black Hills' premier wedding venue complete with air conditioning, heating, large indoor restrooms, an outside catering prep kitchen, and so much more! To learn more about the features of The Barn click here!

Is The Barn an inclusive venue?

Yes - at Aspen Acres, we believe that love is love! We sincerely believe in the right to marriage equality, and are proud to be an inclusive venue that celebrates life's best moments with all!

Do you allow pets on the Aspen Acres premises?

At The Barn we consider your fur babies as family! We would love for your pet(s) to be apart of your celebration! However, we can only allow your pet(s) on the Aspen Acres premises during the ceremony portion of your event. Additionally, we will hold you responsible for cleaning up after and caring for your pet(s) during their time with you at The Barn. If you'd like your pet(s) to attend your celebration, please feel free to reach out to our team and notify us PRIOR to your event day for pre-approval!

What am I allowed to use as decor?

We want to make a reality of your creative vision, so let your creativity flow! But please note our restrictions. We ask that only air-filled balloons be used for decoration inside of The Barn. Please refrain from using staples, tape, or harmful adhesives on the walls, ceiling, and furnishings of The Barn. Any and all candles must be covered or in a container when lit. We ask that all decor be removed from the Aspen Acres property by midnight the night of your event. If you're in doubt or have any questions, feel free to contact us!

Does The Barn offer a full service bar?

The Barn at Aspen Acres offers a fully stocked (cash or host) beer, wine, and wine-based liquor bar. Bartender/s are included in the cost of your rental. No outside alcoholic beverages are allowed on premises under any circumstances. For more information or a beverage menu, feel free to inquire!

How many guests can The Barn accommodate?

The Barn is best suited for guest lists up to 400.

Can I bring an outside caterer for my event at The Barn?

Yes! We are happy to provide you with a list of pre-approved caterers for your event, however, if you choose to use another caterer, we simply ask that they be submitted to us for preapproval in writing beforehand. All caterers must carry insurance, as The Barn is not liable for any actions of caterers or other venders. Under NO circumstances may outside alcoholic beverages be brought onto the Aspen Acres premises.

What is the deposit amount due in order to hold my event date?

A nonrefundable $1,500 (unless otherwise stated in Event Agreement) is required in order for us to be able to officially reserve your event date. A $300 security/damage deposit must also be paid and a credit card put on file at the Barn at least 30 days before scheduled event date. This deposit may be returned and the card will not be charged after the event if the property is properly cleaned and no damages have occurred. Otherwise, this deposit will be used to pay expenses and an itemized statement will be sent to the renter.

Does The Barn offer dishes or flatware?

The Barn is able to provide plates, silverware, and glassware for your event. In order to use them however you must purchase one of the three cleaning packages we provide to insure that they get cleaned properly.

What is included in the rental price?

✦ Access to the venue from 9am-midnight (unless otherwise specified during your consultation)
✦ Custom barn wood tables and cross back chairs for up to 400 guests (34 barn wood tables, 18 round tables)
✦ Onsite parking
Depending upon the occasion*, make use of our beautiful Bridal Suite, VIP Suite, or Green Room; as well as our prep kitchen (open to outside caterer use) and our cash or hosted beer, wine, and wine-based liquor bar (bartender/s included). *If hosting a wedding, Aspen Acres also includes:
✦ A beautiful ceremony site with arbor
✦ Seating options overlooking expansive panoramic views of our beloved Black Hills
✦ Outdoor patio PLEASE NOTE:
This price is all-inclusive of every feature listed above. However, price does NOT include event coordination, set up, decorating, or clean up. Some of these services can be arranged for an additional cost. Please contact us if you are interested!

If I am hosting an event at The Barn, when will I have access to the property?

Unless a different time is agreed upon in advance, you will have access to the venue at 9:00 am on the morning of your event to begin setup and preparation.

Can a vehicle be left at Aspen Acres overnight?

It is fine if a vehicle or two are left on property overnight, but this action is taken at renter's discretion. Aspen Acres is not a gated property, and we are not liable for any potential thefts or damages. We prefer everything to be removed by midnight the night of your event, if possible. No campers or motor homes are allowed onsite unless pre-approved, and they still need to be removed by midnight.

At what time does the party need to stop?

Our facility must be locked by midnight (12:00 AM) the evening of your event. All visitors (renters included) should be exiting the premises by this time. Because of this, we recommend shutting your dance down by 11:15 PM in order to allow enough time for removing your decorations, DJ tear down, and any cleaning.

Who is responsible for clean up?

Renter is responsible for cleanup, and should make a plan with The Barn in advance if assistance is needed or if looking for recommendations of outside sources who may be able to assist with this task. The Barn will provide a checklist of cleaning tasks that must be completed before leaving (at 12:00 AM), including: removal of all decorations, gifts, and personal property; as well as pickup of garbage, florals, flower petals, empty bottles, food or drinks, candy on the floor, parking lot trash, and cigarette butts. If cleanup is not adequate or damages have incurred, expenses may be removed from renter's security deposit and an itemized statement will be issued. Additionally, The Barn offers both a partial cleaning and full cleaning add on availible. Please send an inquiry for pricing. We appreciate your respect for our business!

How long are the barnwood tables?

Each of our beautiful custom barnwood tables are 8 feet long and 3.5 feet wide, seat approx. 4 people on each side. To seat up to 400 guests, the Barn will provide 34 barnwood tables and 18 round tables (for which linen will be provided). All barnwood tables must be used before using rounds. Tables may be used for other purposes during your event such as for displays, gifts, and cakes.

Does The Barn have a PA System?

Yes, The Barn does have an indoor-only PA system. However, it is set up to be used only for announcements and background music during dinner and decorating; it is not meant to replace a DJ.

Is there a ceremony site available?

Aspen Acres has several beautiful ceremony site options, all included with the price of your wedding rental package. Surrounded by the stunning beauty of the Black Hills, each ceremony viewpoint is bound to make your day beautiful. Your rental package includes a beautiful arbor and plenty of seating for your guests. To see what The Barn's ceremony sites have to offer, click here!

Can we have our rehearsal at The Barn?

There are a few different options for hosting your rehearsal here at The Barn!

If there is an event the day before, you are still able to have your rehearsal at The Barn, it just needs to be sometime before noon outside for an hour. If people go with this option they usually will go out to brunch after!

Another option is to have a quick run-through in the morning on the day of your wedding.

If we are unable to accommodate your rehearsal & dinner on-site you can host it offsite! Popular locations are Spearfish City Park, Miller Creek Pub, or at the AirBnB you are staying at.