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Our Favorite Wedding Day Add-ons!

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

You have a ring on your finger. You’ve said “yes” to the dress. You’ve met with and made a plan with your florist, your baker, and your caterer. And you’ve booked The Barn for your wedding day! You got the big things out of the way, now you can look at the smaller details that will make your special day truly become the wedding of your dreams. We’ll discuss add-on options when we sit down together at our pre-event meeting, but if you’re someone who likes to be a little more prepared, here is a sneak peek at some of the special add-ons that we offer, that will make all the intricate pieces of your wedding day come together in perfect unity.

mimosa bar

Mimosa Bar. Our mimosa bar is one of our most popular wedding day add-ons! I mean, what better way to start the best day of your life than with mimosas and your best girls?!? We’ll have it all set up for you and your bridesmaids when you arrive in the morning, just tell us how many to prepare for! And we’ll check in on you from time to time to make sure you’re still fully stocked with all the mimosa makings, including champagne and four juice options. That’s the best part about these mimosas—they’re bottomless!

smores bar

S'mores Bar. This is one of our newest additions to our add-on feature list! It’s the perfect addition to your dessert table, and who doesn’t love s’mores? We’ll supply you with all the marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate you need, as well as three Sternos for heating up this delicious snack. And this can be used either inside or outside!

Unlimited Coffee + Lemonade. Coffee enthusiasts and little kids love this add-on! Adding this onto your wedding day means we will supply you with bottomless coffee and/or lemonade, keeping them full throughout the night! It’s perfect for a dry wedding, a lighter drinking crowd, or a guest list full of minors and grandparents.

candle lighting

Candle Lighting. Another one of our newer service additions, our staff will go around and light all your reception candles for you before your reception begins. Just one less thing you have to think about and plan for on the day of your wedding.

barn arbor

Barn Arbor Rental. Bring the indoor barn look to your outdoor ceremony! This arbor is the perfect addition to make your wedding day even more memorable. We’ll set it up for you in the morning, and then you’re free to decorate it however you want! It’s also super convenient for your officiant, who can quickly step behind the barn doors after he or she pronounces you husband and wife! (Doing this gives you a better first kiss photo.)

wine barrel

Wine Barrel Rental. These wine barrels are great for displaying floral arrangements, “in loving memory” displays, or other special signs and decorations you want to highlight during your ceremony or reception. You can even use it for a separate cake display! We’ll make sure we haul them out for you, and then they can go wherever you desire them to be—in the reception hall, at your welcome table, even outside! You can rent just one, or you can rent all three.

cocktail tables

Cocktail Table Rental. These tables are small and tall, perfect for a cocktail hour, where guests can set their drinks down or stand together and talk about how beautiful your ceremony was. Or you can use them during a unity ceremony to hold your candles, sand jars, or whatever other creative ideas you may decide to do. They can be used for anything and everything! We have 12 of these tables ready for you to use, and you can rent as few or as many as you need.

dessert/display stands

Dessert/Display Stands. Our small display stands are another perfect addition to your wedding day, they fit right in with the barn wood vibe in our banquet hall! We have 2 large, 1 medium, and 1 small stand, and you can use them to display your cake, cupcakes, desserts, or other displays you may have in mind. They are also valuable to use at your welcome table or your head table to create height and dimension!

White Display Stands. This add-on is still in the works, but is coming soon to The Barn. These white display boxes will be helpful for purposes similar to the wine barrels, to hold floral displays or other decorative arrangements. But these display stands would give your wedding a cleaner and more modern look rather than the rustic look of the wine barrel.


Napkins. Napkins are sometimes a forgotten necessity when planning a wedding, so to make it easier on you, we have an array of 15 different cloth napkin colors here at The Barn that you can rent from us! One of our colors is guaranteed to fit into your color aesthetic. You can even add-on to this add-on, and we will fold the napkins for you too! One less thing to worry about on your wedding day.

yard games

Yard Games. You'll like this one, it's an add-on free of charge! After you have said your "I do's" and our staff has cleaned up the ceremony, we will put out a variety of yard games for your guests to keep themselves busy during your cocktail hour and/or reception. We have corn hole/beanbags, ladder ball, horseshoes, and spike ball, among others. This is another perfect add-on if your guest list consists of a lot of kids!

Dishes + Table setting. There are a few different options available in regard to your onsite dishware and cleaning add-ons:


Dishes, Flatware, + Dish Service. This is our most basic cleaning service add-on, giving you access to all our Barn dishes (plates, bowls, silverware, water glasses, coffee mugs, etc.) Our dish service is always required when you use our onsite white dishes—this means that after dinner, we will bus your tables and wash all the dishes. This add-on does not include us pre-setting your tables.

water glass

Glass Filling. Prior to your reception, we will go around and fill up all glasses with water. We will provide one glass filling with this add-on; refills can be done at the water station. This add-on is only available when you utilize water glasses from The Barn, and dish service is provided.

reception layout

Tableware Pre-setting. Our staff will take a little more stress out of your day with this add-on! We will set your tables for you with all the necessary dinnerware you request! Again, this add-on is only available if you are using The Barn’s dishes and flatware, and our dish cleaning service is provided.

reception layout

Full-Service Table Setting. This is a combination of all dish and table setting add-ons. With this add-on, we will set your tables for you, light your candles, fill your water glasses, and fold your napkins! As an added bonus with this add-on, we will also take drink orders for the wedding party immediately prior to the reception and provide two bottles of champagne for the head table.

You can also take advantage of our worry-free end-of-the-night cleaning packages we provide. Inquire with us to learn more about our partial cleaning service and our full cleaning service.

Hopefully these add-ons give you something to think about in preparing for one of the best days of your life! We provide so many good services, and we would love to let you take advantage of them! Please feel free to contact us if you have questions about the specific details regarding these add-ons, or about the cost of these services. Our staff is here for a few reasons, but the most important one is to help in relieving some common stresses and pressures you may feel in preparing for your wedding day, in addition to making you feel comfortable and confident on the first day of your forever. We can’t wait to celebrate with you!


The Barn at Aspen Acres

P.S. If you have a strict budget and want to save money where you can, some of these add-ons may not be realistic or right for you. And that’s okay! We’re still here to serve you however and wherever we can. But here’s an idea: wrangle some extended family, friends, or a few members of your church into helping you out on your wedding day! Ask them if, instead of getting you a gift, they would give you a couple of hours of their time to set or decorate tables in the morning. Ask someone else to light your candles or fold napkins for you. Or if you’re not using our dishes, ask a couple of people to do trash checks throughout the night. If there’s anything you think you may worry about, ask someone else to be in charge so they can worry about it instead. We want you to have a smooth, worry-free day! And your guests are usually willing to help make that possible for you.

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