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Why Choose the Barn at Aspen Acres?

Updated: Feb 14, 2023


The Barn at Aspen Acres

Looking around for the perfect place to host your fairytale day? Thank you for considering the Barn at Aspen Acres! We absolutely love receiving your inquiries and are happy to answer any questions you may have about our gorgeous new venture! The Barn at Aspen Acres is NOW BOOKING for the 2019 & 2020 wedding season, and we will be full-steam ahead after our grand opening in August of this summer. We are elated and overjoyed to bring this offering to the community of Spearfish, and we hope that this becomes a place of unity and harmony for all of you. If you’re a bride or planning a big event, be sure to drop us a message as soon as possible to reserve your date- we want to celebrate life’s best moments with each and every one of you, but our schedule is already filling up! At Aspen Acres, we don’t want to miss a single moment that transforms into a treasured memory, and we look forward to working with you.

Okay, okay- our venue isn’t actually a castle. But we’re confident that it’s going to be everything you’ve ever dreamed of for your South Dakota fairytale, and we’re here to tell you why!

The Black Hills of South Dakota

Not only will the Barn feature a large, open-space, modern layout; its clean architectural lines with towering windows and a balcony overlooking the Northern Black Hills will have you reveling in jaw-dropping splendor. Situated on nearly 40 acres of land, there’s plenty of room to get creative when hosting your event, and (you guessed it!), the views all around are fit for a queen! Sometimes simplest is best, and we truly believe that you will love the fresh, modern touches to the design of the building as much as we do. While others may focus on a more rustic atmosphere, after many, many hours of planning, sketching, designing, and consulting, we are happy to showcase the glamorously clean and modern aspect of a barn wedding. Of course, it can be decorated and customized to fit your theme and event, which means that you are free to be entirely unique! As a new business, it’s important to us that we maintain a low overhead cost structure (which, by the way, means lower prices for you- hooray!). This means that in the meantime, Aspen Acres won’t be specializing in decorating or cleanup. However, we absolutely do want to ensure that your special day goes as smoothly as possible, and that’s why our venue offers unique features that can’t all be found at other locations in the Black Hills!

When you select the Barn at Aspen Acres as the ideal venue to host your wedding or other event in the Spearfish area, rest assured that we are different from any other offering. Our team has worked diligently to make sure that every possible safety regulation has been met during the Barn’s construction, and we have spared no expense when it comes to the efficiency of the building and wellbeing of our guests in every type of situation. Our priority is your enjoyment and comfort, and because of that, we are excited to tell you that YES, we DO have air-conditioning and heating! In fact, we have 6 very highly powered units to keep you and your guests cool and chilled in the summertime, and toasty warm during the winter. Finally- no more sweating during your beautiful summer weddings, and no more freezing during the winter fairy tale weddings either! Ya’ll- this sounds like no big deal, but if you’ve been in the beautiful Black Hills for a few seasons, you know that the scorching summer sun and the frigid winter snow storms are no joke. This is HUGE! In addition, the Barn will also feature large indoor bathrooms- a big convenience when you have 400+ people who are most comfortable with the idea of running water.

Reception table design

Furthermore, the Barn has been deliberately designed to cater to all of your wedding and reception hosting needs. From the well-lit, windowed bridal loft to the fully-equipped warming kitchen and bar- we’ve got you covered, even in the ways you might not have considered yet! Also found in the “Features of the Barn” section of our website, here are a few additional reasons why our venue is considered unique to the area:


The Bridal Loft

With its simple, clean lines; modern aesthetic; and natural light beaming in from large windows (yes- your photographers will thank us!), the bridal loft in the Barn is ideal for photographs and preparing for your wedding ceremony. Clients are welcome to invite photographers, hair and makeup artists, and other outside vendors to the loft in order to capture behind-the-scenes memories of the big day. The loft’s large, open layout provides for a spacious bridal suite for the bridal party to enjoy during the soft, sweet moments before the couple begins the rest of their lives together.

The rolling hills at Aspen Acres

The Ceremony Site

Surrounded by our namesake aspen trees in the Black Hills, the stunning outdoor ceremony site at Aspen Acres includes a beautiful arbor and plenty of seating for your wedding size (up to 440 people can be comfortably seated!). Enjoy the expansive panoramic views of the Black Hills while you say “I do” before your family and friends, and embrace the serenity of nature as the sun sets across the South Dakota plains. Return indoors to the Barn to celebrate at a reception with up to 400 guests!

While we have this designated area set aside as a Ceremony Site and prefer that ceremonies take place there, remember that the Barn at Aspen Acres is built on 40 acres of beautiful land! Additional options are always present, but may not be as easily accessed.

The Warming Kitchen

Outside caterers and vendors are welcome to access the Barn’s warming kitchen; fully-equipped with sleek, modern, and well-maintained appliances for their convenience. This area, like the rest of the Barn, is carefully kept clean and sanitary, and will provide ample space to prepare for serving even the largest parties at the Barn. Additionally, the Barn at Aspen Acres includes a cash or hosted beer, wine, or wine-based liquor bar outside of the kitchen for guests’ enjoyment. Good news- bartenders are included in your all-inclusive package!

pouring wine

The Outdoor Patio

Our outdoor patio is the perfect place to socialize in the evening. With a large covering overhang of the building’s roof, included seating, and a warm firepit, the Barn’s patio invites you to kick back, relax, and enjoy the breathtaking views of the Black Hills as you create cherished memories.


Most of all, we hope that what sets our business apart is that we endeavor to make each and every one of our clients part of our family. YOU are the most important part of your wedding day or event, and that makes you our top priority! We are excited to grow, unite, and celebrate with you beginning in August 2019. Contact us today to book!


The Team at the Barn at Aspen Acres

bridal bouquet

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